What is the price of Minoxidil?

What is the price of Minoxidil?

Price of Minoxidil

The price of minoxidil differs depending on the brand, USA and UK brands of minoxidil being the dearer. but in general, the price a bottle of good quality minoxidil starts at UGX 85,000 from Minoxidil Uganda.

For brands like Rogaine/Regaine, the price starts at around UGX 160,000 and can go as high as UGX 200,000 for a bottle of minoxidil for women.

The Brands We Sell


Regaine was the first brand to get FDA approval for sale of minoxidil as a hair loss treatment and was sole for over 20 years. It's now the world's leading minoxidil brand and is used majorly in the UK and USA.

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A USA brand of minoxidil which is one of the world leading brands. It is well known due to it's more customer friendly price as compared to the Regaine/Regaine minoxidil.

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